J Wilks 1720 bird cage,brass face, single handed wall long case in good working order.Rare clock. £1250.00

Smith Enfield Bakelite kitchen clock £145.00

12" Victorian Fusee Dial clock £450.00

French Comtoise 1840 in an oak case approx. 7' tall. The clock has a large brass pendulum which can be seen through the front of the clock. Good working order. Strikes and repeats, The clock face is enamel. £495.00

Good working condition

Very nice Victorian oak case 8 day striking longcase. The clock has its original painted face and a rare painted pendulum. £1500.00

Victorian Longcase

Victorian Longcase

German gilt on carved wood striking wall clock . Probably built around 1900 £350.00

30 Hour Long case £950.00

Nice old painted face single weight oak case Grandfather clock. The clock has been serviced and overhauled. It runs well and is in good order. Built in approx. 1840

Long case

30 Hour Long Case £1000.00

This is a Richard Evens of Halstead, Essex long case. The clock was made probably before 1750. The face is brass and the spandrels are in the early rococo style.

Richard Evens Long case

Regency Longcase £2000.00

Regency eight day mahogany longcase in lovely condition with hand painted face. Very original clock

1910/20 Westminster oak long case with brass face and in good working order £595.00

Nice German cuckoo clock in good working order. Strikes the hour and half.    £95.00

Boulange'res time piece  This clock is French made in approx 1880/90. The movement is visable type and the clock decoration is ormalu. These clocks are now becoming quite rare even in france.   £450.00

1950's oak cased striking granddaughter clock £160.00

French art deco striking oak carved wall clock from the 1930's £175.00

Very nice 1930,s 12" dial clock, marked Smiths. Light oak case. £275.00

Rare Gustav Becker black forest Wall clock in very nice condition for its age. Good time keeper

Wonderful French late 1950's  Bayard metal kitchen clock which works well except the calendar does not work.. £80.00

A twin weight Gustav Becker Black Forest regulator. Mellow chime and wonderful soft relaxing tick. lovely condition and a little unusual as it is in light wood £450.00

Oak cased 1930's French Art Deco striking wall clock in good working condition. Very nice strike £175.00

English Striking Art Deco oak cased Granddaughter clock. Serviced and working. £145.00

Oak cased Granddaughter clock

French striking Comtoise wall clock in great working condition. Built in around 1860. This clock has been serviced and cleaned. £295.00

Enfield metal kitchen clock in great working condition. £145.00

1960s Metamec battery kitchen clock. Rare and made in Norfolk. Good working order.           £75.00

Hermle Striking regulator. £225.00

Rare, German painted time piece built around 1880. £250.00

19th Century rosewood Black Forest octagonal case with brass inlay and hand painted wooden face. Strikes the hour. £350.00

Beautiful and fine example of a single weight German Victorian regulator with ebony case. £295.00

 Very nice small oak case English striking wall clock. C1920's.                       £150.00

Vienna Wall Clock. This clock was made in the 1880's. Good example of a German Vienna regulator. This one is a little unusual because it has a brass face. The case is oak. £275.00

French Jura Formica kitchen clock in great working order £65.00

Napoleon 3rd Regulator striker with mahogany case £250.00

Rare wag on the wall time piece with pipe decoration. Probably German from 1920s.                   £85.00

Beautiful French comtoise with an Alabaster dial. Made around !850. Strikes the hour and half hour. £350.00

Lovely old French striking 12" dial clock with oak surround. Great working condition. Circa 1900. £260.00

Nice Black Forest Cuckoo Clock                        £110.00

Very nice French (FFR) striking kitchen clock. Probably from the 1930's. This clock is very retro and a good time keeper. Rare. £95.00

Elliott bulk head ships clock stamped 1952. Very collectable and fine quality British clock           SOLD

1750's Brass faced 30 hour oak case country long case. The dial has a sweep hand and calander. Stands about 6feet 3 inches. £900.00

Large French rustic Comtoise ££550.00

Jaz ceramic wall clock, probably 1930's. £95.00

1980,s German striking clock with barometer and thermometer. Good working order.        £185.00

French Ceramic wall clock approx. 1930's in good working order. £125.00

Stunning French ebonised striking French wall clock, made in about 1850. Marked Paris £450.00

French Art Deco Vedette Westminster wall clock. £260.00

English Westminster Grandmother clock in good working order £450.00

Very nice English oak cased Vienna striking regulator wall clock.              £175.00    

Lovely French striking dial clock in very nice condition, probably made around 1900. £250.00

Lovely Dutch striking wall clock, good size original, serviced and cleaned . £150.00

Oak cased Grand daughter 

with twin weight vienna regulator movement. Strikes the hour and half dates from 1880s approx.       £495.00

Beautiful walnut case westminster striking Grandmother clock. £895.00

1920 metal German kitchen clock with very good German movement. This clock is in original condition and working well.    SOLD

Shabby Chic Seth Thomas style striking drop dial. £125.00

Small French brass bulk head clock with enamel face and platform suspension. Probably from around 1910. This clock is only  about 5"across the face.  £175

Fully restored Smith Enfield metal kitchen clock. SOLD

Very nice French comtoise striking wall clock probably made in about 1840. £450.00

1850s French Comtoise with an Automaton Pendulum ( woodcutter) Rare, serviced and in great condition for age SOLD

Serviced Comtoise SOLD

French Art Deco Westminster wall clock £165.00

French Comtoise complete clockSIOLD

Very rare French Mobier comtoise with automated pendulum. Only ever come across one of these before in the last 30 years. £3500.00

Small, glass faced French antique dial clock. £195.00

Light coloured Black Forest Cuckoo clock. £95.00

Smiths chrome 1970's battery wall clock. Good working order           £65.00

French 1930s JURA westminster wall clock. Really nice Art deco wall clock.              £165.00

Very nice Smiths Bulk Head Clock with Coventry movement. Chrome lockable case with enamel dial. £350.00 

Lovely Cirod French Art Deco Westminster strike wall clock. Great original condition          £165.00