Very nice Brass and gilt striking mantle clock. Movement by AD.Mougin with a roman dial. Good working order. £550.00

French style Brass and Marble ting tang striking mantle clock with FHS movement.         £550.00.

Rare french Portico alarm clock in brass and marble in lovely condition.        £395.00

Beautiful Art Deco black and white marble striking mantle garniture set. I very good condition working and keeping good time. The clock dates from the late 1920' early 30s. £325.00

1920s, French marble Garniture set. In great working order. You really need to see this. The are several of this style on the internet up to £2800. This one is up for SOLD

French Japy Freres Maple and co Brass striking Mantle clock in good working order. £1100.00

Very nice oak case Striking mantle clock with Japy Freye movement and enamel face. Serviced and working. £175.00

Travel alarm £125.00

This is a rare Dep traveling alarm clock. French, made in the late 1920's early thirties and for the british market. Good working order

1910/20 Brass carriage clock with its original case. Good working order £195.00

Bayard Alarm £125.00

A great French late 1920's Alarm clock in good working order. The clock case and chrome are very good for their age. Great little collectable

French Garniture set approx 1890.Strikes the half and hour. Solid brass case and four branch Candleabra in good order.           £950.00

Small French Bedroom Clock £150.00

Dead drop bed room clock, fine movement in ebony barrel case with walnut affect base

Brass Art Deco Bintima mantle clock with a very good Davall movement.  £125.00

Art Deco Garniture set £295.00

Pink marble striking French Art Deco mantle clock with a Belgian dog figure on top.

French Carriage Clock £245.00

Late 19th Century brass carriage clock complete with its case and key.

Westminster Chime Clock £195..00

Very nice 1930's German mahogany mantle clock in good working condition. 12 month warranty

French Art Deco 1930's striking marble Garniture set. £250.00

Small Art Nouveau brass and copper bedroom clock, nice bedroom clock. Works well for its age.           £175.00

Lovely French brass Mappin and Webb, Early 20th Century century carriage clock, great working condition. £265.00

White 1930's French bakelite alarm clock. good condition and working well. Quite rare and difficult to find £95.00

This is a great 1930's French Jaz Bakelite alarm clock. Very collectable and in good working condition with no damage. Check e-bay for prices on these clocks. £125.00

Great metal French Jaz Art Deco Alarm clock in good working order. Very collectable and in metal, not Bakelite so a little more unusual. £195.00

Turn of the century French carriage clock with its original case which is complete except for the carrying strap. heavy and attractive. In good working order. £245.00

Lovely Belge Noir Victorian barrel head clock. It strikes the hour and half hour. SOLD

1930's SMI Bakelite Alarm clock. Quite a rare alarm clock because so many were thrown away. £85.00

Small Mahogany Elliott 8 day mantle clock £175.00

Stunning French striking Marble Art Deco mantle clock. It is surmounted by a cold painted model in great original condition circa late 1920's. £295.00

Very nice Edwardian time piece. Good quality movement and good working order. Not large so would suit a modern or period home. £150.00

Edwardian striking Lancet with a very fine French movement. Good working condition. £250.00

Light oak quarter striking Art Nouveau Westminster mantle clock. This clock was made around the turn of the century by Gustav Becker and of high quality. The case and movement are in nice original condition £295.00

Oak cased French time piece £85.00

Lovely chrome French Jaz alarm clock in working condition 1930s/50s £95.00

Beautiful French figural striking garniture set. The red marble case is in very good condition and in good working order. £495.00

Very nice 1920's Smith Enfield Bakelite striking mantle clock. Very nice condition. There are no cracks in the Bakelite and the movement works well.


1930's French movement Deco Clock with garniture set in good working condition. Very stylish. No chips or damage. Strikes on a bell. £295.00

Lovely French Alabaster barrel head striking portico garniture set in great order. £850.00

Lovely local 1960's Metamec bedside alarm clock in great working order. Made in Dereham Norfolk  £120.00

Superb oak cased German Victorian chiming mantle clock. SOLD

Wonderful mahogany inlay clock Clean face with a very nice case. Serviced and clean. Made at the end of the American civil war circa 1865 £200.00

Very good quality Elliot time piece. Finished in oak. £195.00

Fine quality French Ormalu striking carriage clock in good working condition.  £595.00

Wonderful mahogany inlay clock Clean face with a very nice case. Serviced and clean. Made at the end of the American civil war circa 1865 £200.00

1920's French Japy bakelite alarm clock serviced and in good working condition. Very stylish and practical. £145.00

Smiths 1930s cased travel clock. The case is in great condition keeping good time. £75.00

Mahogany striking Lancet mantle clock in good working condition. The face is enamel and does not have any cracks. The clock strikes on a gong. £195.00

French ormolu and slate striking mantle clock. The clock strikes on a bell and is working well. £245.00

Very nice tall German Lancet mantle clock. Strikes the hour and half hour. Dates from around 1900. Finished in mahogany £195.00

Very nice large oak case German striking Lancet mantle clock circa 1910.


Rare Elliott striking mantle clock in oak. This model plays Westminster and Whittington tunes. Nice piece. Numbered piece                           SOLD

Very nice example of an Art Deco Striking mantel clock by Tower of London. C1920's SOLD​

Small 8 day light mahogany platform mantle clock £95.00

French brass four glass clock with original pendulum, Strikes the hour on a bell. Usual age related marks but very good for age.

1880's in age.         SOLD

Good example of a 1920s Junghans striking alarm carriage clock in great working order and with original key. £175.00

Jaz alarm clock in original condition £55.00

Chrome French twin bell alarm clock. Works well. £55.00

Jaz alarm clock in good working condition. £65.00

Very unusual French alarm clock in what appears to be a snake skin finish. Lovely original used condition. Works well. £85.00

Late 1960's or early 1970's Russian chess clock. £55.00

Lovely condition slate Victorian French striking mantle clock SOLD

Very nice French striking garniture set in rose marble. Lovely example C1885 .             £495.00

Medium size Alabaster Elliott time piece which is in good condition and keeps good time £275.00

Brass Lantern clock time piece with a Coventry movement £265.00

Rare Mahogany Rotherham time piece in good working condition. £195.00

1950's Bank savings clock in good working order. £75.00

Nice Mappin and Webb, Elliott time peice in light mahogany. £175.00

Nice 1970s German Anniversary clock with glass dome. £85.00

Very nice walnut Elliott time piece. Good working order. £195.00

Stunning Smiths chrome Art Deco mantle clock. SOLD

Very nice oak cased Junghans Westminster strike Edwardian mantle clock. SOLD

Newport Art Deco time piece in good working order. Thirty hour movement. SOLD

Bakalite 1930s Art Deco mantle clock. This one has been converted to battery and is in good working condition.  £40.00

Mappin and Webb brass striking Lantern clock, serviced and in good condition      SOLD

Elliott mahogany time piece, numbered and in good order. Stands about 8" and very good for age. £175.00

Small brass thermometer which probably dates from the 1920s. Clever thing about this item is that it will give centigrade and Fahrenheit. £25.00 

Old French Public works enamel sign in great condition for its age. Measures approx 15" x 10"                 SOLD

1920s/30s Smiths car clock set in a very nice Edwardian mahogany case. SOLD